People who fall in this category keep getting medical problems one after another.Their problems at the initial stage are:

1.  Weakness or loss of stamina

2.  Anxiety

3.  Cough-Cold

4.  Depression

5.  Heavy head or short memory

6.  Sleeplessness

7.   Getting exhausted after doing little work

8.   High stress

9.   Infection

10.  Breathing problems, etc.

 In case of not getting timely treatment, their illness grow and may result in

1.      Muscular dystrophy

2.     Epilepsy

3.     Parkinson

4.     Degeneration

5.    Deep Depression

6.     Asthma

7.     Arthritis

8.     Nervous system or Neurological disorders.


I serve chronic patients using; Breathing Techniques, Yoga, and different Naturopathy measures. My treatment is very fast and effective for problems like; a Migraine, Depression, Lack of Concentration, Short memory, and undergrowth ( specifically in children not gaining Weight-Height properly ).

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