The symptoms of muscular dystrophy are seen from childhood, but our modern science can’t diagnose that at an early stage. Human breath can tell us the whole story of the human brain and the physical body, but we need a person who can listen to the breath. That person doesn’t need any medical record and can tell 80% or more about the present position of his patient.
The cause of degeneration like muscular dystrophy: is low energy generation by breath. The symptoms of muscular dystrophy patients during childhood are

Picture of a child suffering from Muscular Dystrophy

Minor running problems, pronunciation difficulties, fear of participation in-game, feeling more exhausted compared to the other children, and feeling weakness most of the time.
People who have muscular dystrophy lose the ability to walk, talk, or personal care. Their condition gets worse over time. It is possible to treat Muscular Dystrophy using Breathing therapy, as it increases the rate of energy generation in the body. Breathing therapy gives excellent results, and It helps in slowing down the muscle breaking trend immediately. Breathing, if done under specific guidance, helps the muscles to regain strength and gives stability to such patients. Complete cure of Muscular dystrophy takes time. Our treatment method gives stability and builds up the lost confidence of Muscular dystrophy patients that they are not getting through other therapies.


I serve chronic patients using; Breathing Techniques, Yoga, and different Naturopathy measures. My treatment is very fast and effective for problems like; a Migraine, Depression, Lack of Concentration, Short memory, and undergrowth ( specifically in children not gaining Weight-Height properly ).

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