The symptoms of muscular dystrophy are seen from childhood, but our modern science can’t diagnose that at an early stage. Human breath can tell us the whole story of the human brain and the physical body, but we need a person who can listen to the breath. That person doesn’t need any medical record and can tell 80% or more about the present position of his patient.
The cause of degeneration like muscular dystrophy: is low energy generation by breath. The symptoms of muscular dystrophy patients during childhood are

Picture of a child suffering from Muscular Dystrophy

Minor running problems, pronunciation difficulties, fear of participation in-game, feeling more exhausted compared to the other children, and feeling weakness most of the time.
People who have muscular dystrophy lose the ability to walk, talk, or personal care. Their condition gets worse over time. It is possible to treat Muscular Dystrophy using Breathing therapy, as it increases the rate of energy generation in the body. Breathing therapy gives excellent results, and It helps in slowing down the muscle breaking trend immediately. Breathing, if done under specific guidance, helps the muscles to regain strength and gives stability to such patients. Complete cure of Muscular dystrophy takes time. Our treatment method gives stability and builds up the lost confidence of Muscular dystrophy patients that they are not getting through other therapies.


psychiatric help- wonder of breathing
Before treatment

If you are dealing with a psychiatric issue. If you are taking medicines for a long time and not satisfied. In case you are having symptoms like physical weakness, tired mind, drop in working capacity and can’t show your real potential. We have a solution to it. Nature has already blessed everyone with a unique mechanism identified as the immune system. The healthy immune system protects us from diseases, but we damage this natural mechanism while going anti-nature. In case, you suffer from Migraine, Depression, Aggressive Behavior, Anxiety, Stress, Anger, and other psychiatric disorders contact us as we have an organic solution for these problems. Not only this,we give excellent recovery in Nervous system disorders like Weakness, Cervical spondylosis, Parkinson’s and Epilepsy. We can make your immune system cum alive, and the problem will be solved automatically. Getting such results with modern medication is tough.

The leading cause of the psychiatric illness is insufficient oxygen supply to the brain. Our brain has total body control, and it needs a significant oxygen supply to work effectively. Mouth breathing reduces the oxygen supply to the brain and neurons start to lose their strength day by day.

After treatment-wonder of breathing
After treatment

Our method includes breathing and physical exercises that we design individually for each patient. Doing breathing exercises in a controlled way is just like performing brain surgery without tools. Doing breathing and physical activities under observation remove upper-lower gravity disorders and speed up the recovery process.

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Our Holy books tell us that five elements make the universe and the human body. I have full faith in that. The reasons behind all degeneration type problems like Muscular Dystrophy, Parkinson and Arthritis are:

1              Shortage of Fire element

2              Insufficient energy generation by breath

3              Upper lower gravity disorder.

Patients with such problems generally seek allopathic treatment. I believe allopathic medicines can help them a little but can’t cure. Our treatment can cure such kind of disease. We teach our patients specific type of lifestyle changes that they need to follow to remain healthy for lifelong. Our treatment includes breathing techniques that vary person to person, diet changes, natural and herbal extracts of plants, yoga exercises, steam bath, many naturopathic ways of internal-external cleaning and a system to control the five elements. I believe if you have a little ability to control five elements then you have no physical problem.

For bedridden and psychiatric patients we give home treatment facility on demand.


1              These patients must see ‘Fire Element’ in Meditation while making ‘Fire Mudra’ with fingers of the hands.

2              They should also practice Dynamic meditation Breathing technique which will not only revive their ‘Fire element’ but also improve energy generation through breathe. Following these tips, patients can get recovery without any medicine.

Symbol of Fire Element

Method of doing Meditation with Fire Element: Do it in a comfortable posture, either sit or lie-down straight, the back must touch the mat. Imagine a triangular crystal with red fire color light.

Way to do ‘Fire Mudra’ is: Fold your ring finger and touch it in the root of thumb, then press the finger with the thumb. (Ring finger is a symbol of Earth element and thumb is a symbol of Fire)

Method to do Dynamic Breathing Exercise: First, breathe deep through the nose, Exhale breathe through the nose, Hold breathe outside and make ” Hu Hu Hu ” sound through the mouth, again take breathe through the nose. Repeat it. Practice this for 5-10 minutes twice or thrice daily.

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People who belong to this category have excellent stamina, extraordinary intelligence, and superb presence of mind. They usually suffer from a lack of concentration or could not study for long hours. They are more likely to gain weight even they eat less. They feel more heat compared to other people around and own a healthy digestive system as extra energy generates inside them. Till their body absorbs this energy, they have no medical problem. As soon as their body stop absorbing that extra energy, Their initial stage problems are :

a)    A Headache ( If it is Migraine, it develops in summertime)

b)    Obesity (Gaining weight despite eating less)

c)    Upset Digestive system or Constipation

d)    Heartburn or Acidity

e)    Extra-growth in the body. (They are likely to have extra-growth

        in their body  after 30, like a stone in Gallbladder or Urinary

         Track, Abscess or Cellulitis in a specific area of their body)

f)    High fever and going unconscious or suffer memory loss

        (sometimes it happens suddenly)

g)   Chronic skin problems (Psoriasis) fall under this category

h)   Hypertension or High blood pressure

In the situation of not getting timely treatment, the problem develops and results in serious illness like:





5.    CANCER

NOTE:         I met many cancer patients and found they all belong to this category as Cancer is also a kind of extra-growth in the body. In case a Cancer patient is put under observation and treated with specific Breathing techniques, he would undoubtedly get recovery.